Karauli was built by Maharaja Arjun Pal in 1346 AD. At that time this was the capital of a small state of the same name. Karauli was captured by the British and then they ruled there till 1947.

This District is an ancient city of India located in the state of Rajasthan. Karauli District was established in 1348. Karauli is a wonderful place to visit for history lovers as it is filled with many historical attractions and temples. The city holds the prestige of the home of Shri Madan Mohanji who is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Krishna.

There are approx. 300 temples located in Karauli which makes it a popular religious place. If you are looking for a good place to visit in Rajasthan, then you must go to Karauli, because many temples, forts, and palaces are located in this city. This city gives you an amazing vibe and a glimpse of the rich, vibrant, and colorful heritage of Rajasthan.

Every year one cattle fair and two holy fairs are organized in Karauli city. These two holy fairs are held in the temple of Kaila Devi in ​​the months of March – April, and September – October. A week-long cattle fair is held in Karauli in the month of February which is organized during the festival of Shivratri.

Here is the list of 11 BEST Places to Visit in Karauli

1.  Madan Mohanji Temple
2.  Karauli City Palace
3.  Shri Mahavirji Jain Temple
4.  Mehndipur Balaji Temple
5.  Kaila Devi Temple
6.  Keladevi Wildlife Sanctuary
7.  Kalyanji Temple
8.  Timangarh Fort
9.  Nakkash Ki Devi Gomti Dham
10. Bhanwar Vilas Palace
11. Ramathra Fort


1.  Madan Mohanji Temple:

Madan mohan ji templeRadha Madan Mohan ji

Madan Mohanji Temple is a major temple in Karauli which is dedicated to Lord Krishna. Madan Mohanji Temple is situated on the edge of the Bhadravati River.

The idol of Lord Krishna in this temple is a very old one which is believed to have been brought from Ajmer by Shri Gopal S. Naghji. This temple is colorful in appearance and a large number of devotees visit this temple and seek the blessings of the Lord.

Raja Gopal Singh of Karauli built this temple in 1725. It is said that after the victory over Daulatabad, Maharaja Gopal Singh Ji had a dream, in which Madan Mohan Ji told him that take me to Karauli. Then the statue of Madan Mohan was taken from Amer in Jaipur to Karauli and installed.

Address: Madan Mohan Temple Karauli Rajasthan Frontier Rajmahal, Karauli 322241


2.  Karauli City Palace:

City place karauli

The main attraction here is the Karauli City Palace, which was built by Arjun Pal in the 14th century. Thereafter the palace was rebuilt by Raja Gopal Singh in the 18th century. Let us tell you that this palace has been beautifully built using red, white, and off-white stones, which you must visit.

The City palace is very famous for its classic paintings, stone carvings, architecture, and latticework. There are many old photographs in Durbar Hall here, which show the work of 600 years ago here. This palace was the official residence of the royal family here till 1938, who moved to live there after the construction of another palace located here, Bhanwar Vilas Palace.

The original City Palace was built in the 14th century, while the current City Palace dates back to the 18th century, with the architecture and work done in it mesmerizing.

Address: Unnamed Road, 322241, Chaudhary Para, Karauli, Rajasthan 322255


3.  Shri Mahavirji Jain Temple:

Shri_Mahaveerji_temple karauli

Shri Mahavir Ji Mandir is a major temple of Karauli in Rajasthan which is 110 km away from Sawai Madhopur city. Earlier this village was known as Chandanpur. But when an ancient idol of Mahavira was excavated from the soil several hundred years ago, this place became famous as a Jain religious place, and then its name was changed to Shri Mahavir Ji.

This temple is so famous that devotees go far and wide to see this idol. If you also want to visit Shri Mahavir Ji temple, after visiting this temple, devotees get wonderful joy and satisfaction, which is unique in itself.

A Manastambha made of marble is also situated in front of the temple, which enhances the beauty of this temple. A fair is organized in the temple premises on the occasion of Mahavir Jayanti in the month of April.

A large number of people from other communities and religions participate in this fair. Many Jain saints also give discourses during this fair. The main attraction of Mahavir Ji Temple is the 32 feet high statue of 16th Jain Tirthankar Lord Shantinath which attracts a lot of tourists.

Address: MWW6+G8M, Banwaripur, Rajasthan 322220


4.  Mehndipur Balaji Temple:

mehandipur-balaji-temple-karauli rajasthan

Mehandipur temple located near Karauli in Rajasthan is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. This temple of Hanuman ji is considered very sacred. Let us tell you that a large number of devotees come here every day to get rid of evil spirits. If you go to visit this temple, then you can see people suffering from many evil spirits here.

Devotees throng here for twelve months, but, the best time to visit here with family children, and elders can be between October to March.

This temple is also called Ghata Mehndipur due to its location in the valley between two very picturesque hills. The temple is about a thousand years old. The child idol of Bajrang Bali located in this temple was not made by any artist, but it is self-styled. This idol of Balaji also serves as the back wall of the temple as an unbroken part of the mountain.


5.  Kaila Devi Temple:

Kailadevi_Temple karauli

Kaila Devi Temple is a Hindu temple located in the village of Kailadevi in ​​the Karauli district in the Indian state of Rajasthan. The temple is dedicated to Kaila Devi who is considered as Mahalakshmi or the goddess of wealth. Kaila Devi visits every day of the year to offer red flags with bhog prasad and to have the darshan of the mother. The most attractive feature of Kaila Devi Temple is Jagran performed by Jagatji in the temple.

Two major attractions of this temple include Hanumanji Temple and Bhairon Baba Temple, which are located in the temple courtyard. The sanctum sanctorum of the temple has two goddesses, one of which is of Kaila Devi and the other Chamunda Devi.

Address: कैला देवी मंदिर के पास, Kailadevi, Karauli, Rajasthan 322243


6.  Keladevi Wildlife Sanctuary:

kaila devi sanctuary Karuli

The Kailadevi Sanctuary is located near the Kaila Devi Temple. It is spread over an area of ​​680 sq km and this sanctuary is home to not only many animals and birds but also two rivers Banas River and Chambal River. Animals found in the sanctuary include nilgai, bears, tigers, wild boars, chinkaras, wild hogs, wolves, jackals, and sloths, among many others.

Kaila Devi Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Karauli, which is adjacent to the Rajasthan-Madhya Pradesh border. This wildlife sanctuary is spread over an area of ​​676.40 sq. km. The Banas River flows on the western side of this sanctuary while the Chambal River flows in the southeast direction.

The sanctuary, which is named after the Kela Devi Temple, offers visitors a beautiful landscape of nature.

Address: 8XM6+V2P, Chaube Ki Guwari, Rajasthan 322243


7.  Kalyanji Temple:

Kalyanji-temple-karauli rajasthan

Kalyan Ji Temple is a major religious place that attracts a large number of devotees every year. The faith of the devotees towards this temple is so strong that devotees walk here barefoot.

The worship of the Kalyanji temple is conducted on the basis of season.  Kalyanji Temple is open for darshan from 5 am to 9 pm.

Manipulation is done at the time of the opening and closing of Kalyan Ji’s temple usually in the winter and summer seasons. Many fairs and festivals are organized on the temple premises.


8.  Timangarh Fort:


Timangarh Fort is a famous historical fort located near Hindaun block in the Karauli district of Rajasthan. Let us tell you that this fort was built in 1100 AD but this fort was destroyed in an attack. Yaduvanshi king Timanapal had contributed a lot in getting this fort rebuilt, he was a very powerful ruler in the 12th century AD.

The name of this fort is derived from the name of the king, Timangarh. Compared to other forts of Rajasthan, the architecture of Timangarh Fort is very unique, which attracts tourists very much.

Many people believe that even today many clay idols are hidden under the temple of this fort. Apart from this, beautiful geometric and floral structures on the roofs and pillars of the temples attract the attention of any tourist.

The architecture of Timangarh Fort is completely different from other forts in India. This fort is a unique sign of the ancient history of the country. The most special thing about this fort is that it has five entrances.

There are many stone sculptures on the walls of this fort. Apart from this, pictures of people, cities, and markets have all been engraved on the walls. There are also pictures of many gods and goddesses made of stone on the pillars of the fort.

Timangarh Fort, Karauli, is situated at a desolate location near Masalpur sub-tehsil headquarters about 40 kms from Karauli.


9.  Nakkash Ki Devi Gomti Dham:


Goddess of Nakkash – Gomti Dham is said to be the heart of Hindaun City. It is situated in the middle of Hindaun City. It is the temple of the goddess of Nakash, a form of Durga. It is said that when Saint Shri Gomti Das Ji Maharaj had come here, Kaila Mata informed him in a dream about being buried under one of her people in the night.

On digging there the very next day, two miraculous idols of Mata were found, which were installed there and built the temple of Mata. On the back side of the temple, the huge temple of Param Pujya Brahmin Shri Shri 1008 Gomti Das Ji Maharaj was built by his disciples. In which his tomb is also situated.

Temples of the miraculous Shiva family, the idol of Panchmukhi Hanumanji, Ram Mandir, Yamraj, etc. are located here. A garden is situated here. It is known as Gomti Dham. On one side of it is situated the huge pond Jalsen.

One of the finest temples of hindaun city. This place is osam for prayer and visiting.

Address: 322230, Baddi Chopar, Hindaun, Rajasthan 322230


10. Bhanwar Vilas Palace:

Bhanwar palace

Bhanwar Vilas Palace in Karauli was built by the then-ruler Maharaja Ganesh Pal Dev Bahadur in 1938 when the then-royal family resided in this palace. It is a palace built in the colonial style, which is furnished with the decoration and furniture of that time. Today this place has developed into a modern heritage hotel with 45 rooms equipped with all the amenities.

Address: F2PC+XC4, Baghi Khana, Karauli, Rajasthan 322241


11. Ramathra Fort:

 Ramathra Fort

This fort is located in Sapotara, Rajasthan. The fort is situated between the Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary in Bharatpur and the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve in Sawai Madhopur. Kela Devi Wildlife Sanctuary is situated at a distance of just 15 km from this fort. This fort is famous for its panoramic view of the lake and the village.

This fort was found in 1645 by Raja Bhojpal in the jagir from his father who was the king of this place. At that time this fort was managed by Thakur Brijendra Raj Pal and his family.

There are two temples inside this fort of which one is dedicated to Lord Ganesha and the other to Lord Shiva. The Shiva temple located here has a huge marble statue of Lord Shiva which depicts the architecture of the 18th century.

Tourists visiting this fort can also see picturesque views of beautiful fields, the plateau of Dang, Kalisil Lake. Due to the proximity of Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary from here, you can also see the birds coming from a distant country.

Address: near Kalisil Dam, Sapotara, Rajasthan 322218