Jaipur is known as the pink city in the world. It is a royal and elegant city in Rajasthan Where many kings were born. In the city, you experience the royal era of the Maharajas.

Elephant riding is the best safari ride in Jaipur. 

After the lion safari in Nahargarh Biological Park, now tourists can also enjoy elephant rides. This is the first biological park in the state to give such a gift. The Forest Department has recently started an elephant safari to woo tourists, currently, the trial process is going on. Here, when the elephant ride in Amer stopped during Navratri, they used to start here.

ACF Jagdish Gupta said that safari will be conducted in the outer part of the park from 8.30 am to 11.00 am and in the afternoon from 3.30 pm to 5.00 pm. In this, 2 tourists will be made safari for half an hour. In which a charge of three and a half thousand rupees will be charged for them. There is also a lion safari here. In which the tourists are introduced to the three lions of Tripura, Tejas, and Tara.

                     “HATHI GAON” An Elephant Ride Village

Hathi Gaon


The relationship between elephants and humans is different in wildlife, for centuries till today, the beautiful relationship of this magnificent wildlife with humans is visible. Humans have never had such a rapport with any other wildlife. In the era of Kings when a magnificent creature like an elephant was once the favorite ride of kings and even in times of war, kings preferred to fight by sitting on an elephant.

Rajasthan has never been the natural habitat of elephants, but elephants have been the favorite ride for all the kings and princes of Rajasthan. Even today, tourists enjoy the elephant ride in Amer Fort. A few years ago, an objection was lodged by the common people and some social organizations on the elephant ride in Amer. These people said that an elephant is tortured very badly by their owners for riding an elephant, which is very wrong.

The local administration and the Rajasthan government made a very good and new beginning in 2010, accepting the views of the common people and social institutions, in which a new village was established by the government for the elephants and the families associated with it and it was named Elephant Village…

The most different thing about Hathi village is that all the elephants in this place have been brought from South India and their mahouts are also from different states of the country, most of them are citizens of Bihar.


Located at the foothills of the Aravalli ranges, Elephant Village can be one of the most favorite places for animal lovers in Jaipur as elephant riding is not promoted in this elephant village but it provides an opportunity to get to know this magnificent and huge animal up close. is done. To get to know elephants closely, some entertainment activities were scheduled in Hathi Village in which this magnificent creature forms a very beautiful relationship between the tourists visiting here and the elephant.


*****When you put your hand on the trunk of an elephant, then a relationship is formed between the elephant and you. When the elephant starts trusting you.

Now the elephant has started believing in you and you also feel comfortable with the elephant. After learning how to touch and communicate with the elephant, it is time to feed the elephant. Food is the most favorite thing of the elephant, this work can be done by the elephant throughout the day. The mahout gives you bananas and sugarcane to feed the elephant.

*****Apart from eating, elephants love to bathe. Elephant village has a pond for elephants to bathe, in which elephants are almost always bathed. For almost all the tourists visiting the Elephant Village, you can enjoy watching the elephant bathing or if you want, you can also enjoy the elephant bath with your own hands with the mahout.


*****In the process of furnishing the elephant, Rangoli was made with different colors on the elephant. If you have come to visit the elephant village, then do not forget to make Rangoli on elephant here.


The entry fee for Indian tourists in Hathi village has been fixed at Rs.50/-

                               for foreign tourists, the entry fee has been fixed at Rs.300/-.

You may have to pay up to Rs 2500/- to ride on an elephant. The Elephant Village is open throughout the week and you can visit the Elephant Village at any time of the day.