Kaila Devi Temple is a well-known Hindu religious place located in Karauli metropolis of Rajasthan state.The Kela Devi Temple is situated on the Kalisil River, a tributary of the Banas River, within the Aravalli Hills.. A large truthful is held right here each yr withinside the month of March-April. In which vacationers from all around the united states are involved. Kela Devi Temple is famous as the main Shaktipeeth of North India. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Kaila and is famous for Kaila Devi.


This temple is dedicated to Goddess Kaila. The Kaila Devi temple has two idols under golden canopies on silver plinths. One of them has a slightly crooked face on the left side, that is Kaila Maiya. And to the right of Kela Devi is the statue of second Mata Chamunda Devi.. Regional Languria songs are especially sung here. In which they show their devotion to Kailadevi through Languria.


In the temple of Goddess Kaila, it is believed that whatever wish is asked in the court of Maa Kaila, it will definitely be fulfilled by Maa Kaila. When the wishes of the devotees are fulfilled, they along with their families reach Kailadevi in ​​large numbers to pay obeisance to the mother, due to which the Lakkhi Mela held here looks like a mini Kumbh. Lakhs of devotees come to this fair.


Languria is said to be an ardent devotee of Maa Kaila.The temple is situated just opposite to the idol of the mother. According to legends, the temple was built here only after Bohra Bhagat himself appeared in his dream.

. Devotee women bathe in this Kalisil river and reach the temple with their hair open and after having the darshan of Maa Kailadevi, they are seen earning virtuous benefits by feeding food offerings to girl Languria, etc. there.


History of Kela Devi temple 

Famous as the main Shaktipeeth of North India, the Kaila Devi temple is revered by the devotees of the Goddess, who come here get a unique comfort apart from the worldly Bhagambhag. This is the reason why the number of visitors to Kaila Maa is increasing year by year. Kaila Devi temple is established in Kaila village, about 25 km away from Karauli district of Rajasthan. Situated at the foothills of the picturesque hills of Trikuta Temple, this temple was built by King Bhompal in 1600 AD. Many stories related to this temple are prevalent here. It is believed that Yogmaya, the girl child who Kansa wanted to kill by putting Lord Krishna’s father Vasudev and Devaki in jail, is seated in this temple as Yogmaya Kaila Devi.


According to another belief, in ancient times the area around Trikuta mountain was surrounded by dense forest. In this area there used to live a demon named Narakasura. Narakasura had created a lot of terror in the surrounding area. The general public was saddened by his atrocities. The distressed public then worshiped Maa Durga and requested her to incarnate here and protect them. It is said that Maa Kaila Devi incarnated at this place to remove the miseries of the general public and killed Narakasura and freed her devotees from fear. Since then devotees have been coming here worshiping her considering her as an incarnation of Maa Durga. The temple of Kaila Devi is made of white marble and red stones, which is a unique piece of architecture.


Interesting fact about kela Devi temple

⇒ In this temple of Maa Kaila Devi located in Karauli, dacoits disguised in film style come and worship Maa Kaila Devi. They ask for a vow from the mother for the cultivation of their goal. He comes again when his vow is fulfilled. After worshiping the mother for many hours, they offer victory bell and leave.


⇒ According to a legend, a devotee of Mata Kaila Devi had gone out of the temple after saying that he would return soon. It is said that he has not come till date. It is such a belief that while waiting for him, the mother is still looking at the direction where he went. That’s why the face of Mata Kaila Devi is slanted in the idol.